Little Rock Office

Phone: 501-221-9408 Email: fbean@ &
Mailing Address: 1501 North University Prospect Building, Suite 900 Little Rock, AR 72207

Digital Benefits Advisors has built a stronghold nationally through our innovative, value-driven consulting. We focus on the evaluation, implementation and administration of employee benefits programs. 

In November 2015, Digital Benefit Advisors welcomed to our family Bean Hamilton Corporate Benefits, expanding its national footprint and opening a flagship office in Little Rock, Arkansas. This partnership brings together two progressive companies to deliver expanded employer benefits advisory services and technology solutions for employers and their employees in Arkansas.

“Joining DBA enhances our ability to effectively serve our clients in the complex, evolving world of health insurance,” explains Fred Bean, president of Bean Hamilton Corporate Benefits. “Our clients how have access to compliance experts to guide them, cutting-edge technology to streamline plan administration and human resource tools to support daily operations. We now have the best of both worlds: a strong local presence and a national partner who is an industry leader.”

Digital's steadfast client commitment is to provide unsurpassed excellence in employee benefits evaluation, planning and administration. We're well-positioned to help our clients develop a long-term employee benefits strategy that meets their organization’s goals for employee recruitment and retention. 

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